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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 16, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the question is could it be another ipad? apple says it has something new to show us. we will have details coming up. and medical marijuana advocates have their day in court. what will it mean for local dispensaries? i'll have the reaction coming up. i'm giving a thumb's up if you can see it. >> and vote of confidence. the first family and republican challengers gear up for the debate. why the showdown could be a game changer. and this is bob redell. what's it like playing on the giants trying to hit one of those 100-mile-an-hour fastballs? we're going to give it a go coming up. good luck. right now, we will give you a
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live look spanning over downtown san jose. christina loren says brace yourself. a smorgasbord on the weather front. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good tuesday morning. always a pleasure. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. new this morning, silicon valley is once again buzzing as the most valuable company gets ready to make another announcement. this news coming into the newsroom two hours ago. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew have ts the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the iphone 5 was announced last month. the distant past. the last time you paid the mortgage, it has been that long. apple sending out an invitation saying we have more to show you.
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this happening next thursday in san jose. the hint is we're talking about a smaller ipad. really more than a hint, news of a smaller ipad has been leaking out of apple for a long time. amazon has had success with the tablets and apple wants a piece of the business. not to be outdone, microsoft showing off the surface tablet. this will go on sale on friday, october 26th. it is $499 or about the same price as the full-sized apple ipad. apple shares are up 2% on the latest announcement about the announcement. jon. >> scott, thank you very much. we appreciate it. another huge story to talk about. a landmark decision could come in on how the country could view medical marijuana. the u.s. court of appeals in washington, d.c. will hear about how the government will classify the drug. christie smith has all of the
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updates and details. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, jon. i spoke with medical marijuana advocates in washington, d.c. from the bay area. they are telling me they think this hearing went well and lasted 40 minutes. they say it could be a first step in recategorizing how me l immedia medical marijuana is seen and it has medical use. they say it is defined as a category one like heroin. a three-panel judge could lower thing. the harbor side panel said the executive director says they are serving patients and starting delivery in case they are forced out. recently the city of oakland took the bold step by filing a federal lawsuit to stop the department of justice from getting harbor side evicted. the executive director is in
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washington for the hearing. he says the judges' decision could lead to sweeping political and legal changes. >> when you have a federal court deciding officially that marijuana is medicine, it is more difficult for attorneys to launch the attacks they have, which after all, resulting in patients being unable to obtain that medicine. >> each time this issue has been brought before the federal government. whoever brings it is told they don't have standing. there is no way to object other than to stop convicting other than a jury booth. >> reporter: that is the catch according to a cannabis school. the school is now stream line, she says, federal and state laws
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are at odds over medical marijuana. many patients believe they would have a better legal defense that it is indeed medical if it were reclassified. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. a bay area native who died serving his country in libya will be honored today in san francisco. thousands are expected to pay tribute to ambassador chris stevens at a service at the city hall rotunda today. stevens was one of four americans who died during an attack of the u.s. consulate on september 11th. when asked about the attack, secretary of state hillary clinton says she accepts responsibility for the safety of diplomats. >> that's what i was very much working on day and night to try to make sure that we intervened with governments and we did everything we could to keep our people safe, which is my primary
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responsibility. >> today's memorial begins at 4:30. the public is encouraged to attend. turning now to decision 2012 and the race for the white house. we have a look at hofstra university in new york where the stage is all set for the second of the three debates. round one went to mitt romney. this time around, president obama says they are not going down without a fight. this is a town-hall format with questions coming from the audience. the candidates will push their own agendas. aides say they will bring up romney's tax ad and the 47% comments recorded at a fund raiser. romney will focus on boosting his likeability. >> for mitt romney? the number one piece of advice is to engage with the questioners.
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in town halls, he has the tendency to back away. >> the daily tracking poll still has president obama ahead by two points which essentially breaks down to a tie. you can watch the debate live from hofstra university here on nbc bay area. that will start at 6:00 sharp. a man who turned down a panhandler's request for money is recovering. 25-year-old jesus cruz approached the man saturday afternoon and asked him for catch. when the man said no, gabrielle cruz hit him in the face and searched his pockets, but found nothing. police arrested cruz a block away. marla, in a desperate search for a pilot and plane is on hold for right now. the faa says the single-engine plane took off from half moon bay before 6:00 yesterday morning. it was supposed to land in tucson, arizona, but it never made it to the final
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destination. the plane is registered to a man in florida. his wife reported him missing and the coast guard and local law enforcement do plan to begin an aerial search for the plane when the weather clears up. let's talk baseball. the giants getting into a groove after the much-needed win under their belts. the series is now tied at 1-1 as the giants and cardinals play for the national league championship. the hometown crowd had plenty to cheer about as the giants beat the cardinals, 7-1 at at&t park. the cheers did turn to boos at one point during the game. they are still happy here. let's show the play. check out the cardinals matt holliday flattening marc marco scutaro. >> i hope he's okay. i know him.
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he's a good guy. >> scutaro hit a two-run single before being pulled from the game. he will likely get an mri today. game three is at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon in st. louis. matt cain is scheduled to pitch. bob redell gets a taste of what it is like to face a 100-mile-an-hour fastball coming up. i want to make sure bob is wearing a battle helmet. >> i hope so. >> christina loren says bob will be out hitting balls. it is a nice day for now. >> helmet among other things. >> full body protection. >> good morning to you. we have a good-looking day shaping up for any outdoor activities. come tomorrow at this time, it might be a little too hot. it will be warmer today. this is the reason why. clear conditions over san francisco. 66 degrees. you just jumped to 66 in
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oakland. 69 in san jose. the weather headlines tell the ever changing story of the bay area. hazy and warm today. the winds will pick up. if you have loose objects outside, tie them down. fog-free start tomorrow. that will lead to 90s inland. we peak on thursday. after the warm up, jacket weather returns. showers in the forecast. all of this included in the seven day. if you want to make the weekend plans and are you starting to think about it like us, we have it ready to go in the next report. we have no idea who will play in the super bowl this year, but we learned who will play the halftime show. single ladies are ready to go. and jeremy lin is not on the court, but as a cover guy. we will have the details. and some shipping for the holiday cheer. why the upcoming season could be
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merry for people out there looking for work. and i'm bob redell. we will try to get our buster posey on and hit a fastball. we are not talking about 80 or 90, but we're talking about 100. we'll give it a go coming up. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant major retailers are gambling this holiday season will be a big one. they plan to add more than 320,000 temporary workers for the upcoming season. is hiring 50,000 temporary workers in the coming months. the online retailers expects those hires to stay on full-time. many others say they will hire as well this year. leading the way is macy's and target expected to hire 80,000 and 90,000 seasonal workers. toys r us will add 45,000
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seasonal workers this year. and this morning, the u.s. government announcing it will increase the size of social security checks. it is not much. 1.7%. the smallest cost of living increase we have seen in some time. this increase which takes effect in 2013 is designed to compensate social security recipients for inflation to keep up with prices. people will be disappointed with the increase, if the math is correct, there is never a net increase. that allowance should be matching inflation. they thought it was a good idea, but pizza hut says the offer for life is not a good one. for someone asking the candidate if it is sausage or pepperoni. the marketing stunt faced backlash over the democratic
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process. pizza hut has stepped back and simply ask the public to vote on a question in a commercial break instead. pepperoni right here. >> as long as i have cheese. >> meteorologist christina loren, what a day it is today. >> i posed the question on my facebook page. you will get weather updates. as you take a live look here at the beautiful san francisco golden gate bridge, it does not get any better than this at 11:15. good morning to you. by this time tomorrow, we are not talking about any fog whatsoever. in fact, the breeze will push that marine layer out to sea. look what is happening. almost at 80 degrees. a 15-degree jump in santa rosa from a day ago. 69 degrees in san jose. high pressure is building in quickly. we have a competing system. an area of low pressure is
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working against the system coming in to bring the winds at the coastline. however, we're talking about widespread afternoon sunshine and mid to upper 80s inland. look at some of your temperatures. very unusual for the 16th day of october to get close to 90 degrees in places like fairfield. 86 in livermore. 85 in gilroy. 83 in santa teresa. i want to spend a couple extra minutes on the seven-day forecast. you will pull out the summer wardrobe for the next couple of days. tack on a couple of extra layers on saturday and sunday. temperatures tumble. we get cool and cloudy as rapidly as we warm up, the temperatures will fall back to the 70s. on monday and tuesday, we have a good-looking system on the way. we will get our first significant rainfall. i'm talking about measurable
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precipitation. maybe .50 to 1 inch of rain headed our area. that translates to low snow levels in tahoe. back to you guys. i'm in. >> thank you, christina. >> after a monster win last night, the giants are off to st. louis for game three of the national league championship series. >> with all of that action, we thought what does it mean to slap on the helmet and get in the batter's box to face the pitcher. we have bob redell joining us from redwood city. we hear some giants' scouts out there. let's see what you got, big man. >> reporter: good morning, jon and marla. you see this side of my face? does it look good now? >> you look great. handsome. >> reporter: there will be a contusion or fracture going on. we are at the california baseball club. they called us up and they said with the giants in the post
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season, have you ever wondered what it is like to take a 100-mile-an-hour fastball? what is it like hitting against a 100-mile-an-hour ball? >> not too much time to think about it. you have to get in there and get ready early and get the bat going. >> reporter: let's get you lined up. he will take three pitches. what is the trick or key to someone who has never taken a pitch? >> get ready early. >> reporter: you connected. you are moving toward the ball as he is releasing? >> as he's getting ready, i'm getting ready. that's the only way to catch up. when that ball is coming out of his hands, i'm ready to go just like he is. no delay. ready? >> reporter: nice. can you actually see the ball?
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>> i keep track of it. >> reporter: you have had professional players? >> yeah. >> reporter: do they nail it all the time? >> they handle it, but they don't handle it all the time. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: i'll give it a try. i have my little league experience. oh, wow! did the ball come out yet? >> just warming up. practice. >> reporter: here we go. >> he's scared of you, bob. he's intimidated. >> oh, he connected. >> reporter: a little connection. >> foul ball. >> that's the only way to do it. >> reporter: coach tells me once he starts moving, i have to start moving and pretend i know what i'm doing. okay. come on. connect. that is hard. that gives you serious appreciation of what is going on there. >> no question. >> reporter: i appreciate it,
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adam. the california baseball farm club located in redwood city. do you put kids on this? >> sure, but not at 100 miles an hour. >> bob, moral victory. you got bat on ball. >> reporter: that is a moral victory. if something happens to me within the next 24 hours, i'll know i had this moral victory of the 100-mile-an-hour fastball. my life's complete. >> he completes me. thank you, bob. coming up after the break, a popular automaker is issuing a recall. we will tell you the cars involved and what went wrong with them. to join our discussion, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. we're logged on right now. and a live look at the bay bridge. that is a smooth morning. if you are heading anywhere,
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that is a smooth ride right there.
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will the 49ers continue their ploy to play in the super bowl? we will find out some time today if this comes out true. the advisory committee learned of it yesterday and will be put before the owners today in chicago. san francisco is one of the potential hosts of the 2016 or 2017 super bowl. if the city wins, the super bowl will be held in the stadium in santa clara and the festivities will be held in san francisco. let's get that one done. we just learned the halftime show will be nothing short of
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bootylicious. bee beyonce will be performing. jeremy lin is on the cover of "gq" magazine. the cover boy is talking about his season and whirlwind and health. the team decided not to match houston's offer making the 24-year-old a member of the rockets. lin says he doesn't hold any grudges. the magazine hits the streets next tuesday. >> he doesn't have grudges. he was sleeping on a sofa and now a multimillionaire. ford is recalling 154,000 fiesta sub compacts because of the problems with the air bags. if the passenger seat is empty, the air bag will not protect
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passengers in the backseat of crashes. it has recalled 2011 through 2015 models. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today? then switch to at&t u-verse tv.
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a narrow escape for a veteran b.a.s.e. jumping in norway. he was getting ready for a jump in norway. watch what happens. >> he goes off the cliff. you see it again. he flips and narrowly misses the edge. the b.a.s.e. jumper pulled the parachute and saved his life. that is mind blowing. lucky to be alive. >> very athletic. >> thank goodness. >> thanks for joining us. you can watch the presidential debate tonight at 6:00. thanks for watching. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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